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Open letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry;   HOW TO REDUCE CHILD ABUSE IN TEXAS
        I urge you to support Rep. Alma Allen's HB 916 which will abolish corporal punishment in Texas schools. Thirty other states have studied the issue and put away the paddles.   School paddling is NOT discipline, it is child abuse and it leaves BIG bruises on children’s buttocks.  It also promotes child abuse at home.  It’s shocking that some children as young as age 5 go happily to school in the morning and end up in a hospital with injuries from a discredited school discipline policy. 
        Think about it, hitting children with boards is child abuse whether done at home or at school. We all need to protect children from child abuse wherever we see it.
Grown men hitting school children is wrong and would be a felony assault if done away from your schools. Research shows that paddling lowers test scores increases dropout rates and vandalism. 
        As a former teacher, I know that paddling is more of a reflection on the teacher than the student. A few teachers get sadistic pleasure out of paddling. Students feel worthless and their academic success falters. Ending paddling is good for the students and the schools.
        Children have nightmares and are afraid of going to school. Is this what we want of our schools? People are not for hitting and children are people too. 
        Everyone should do what they can to stop child abuse wherever we see it. The law requires that.
 Temple TX ISD superintendent Dr. Robin Battershell greatly improved discipline by requiring principals spend ten minutes per day in three classes (30 minutes total). This let the teachers and students know that a principal could walk in at any moment.
School paddling promotes more child abuse at home. Gov. Perry, you will be proud of your support for reducing child abuse in Texas for the rest of your life.
Jimmy Dunne, Pres. People Opposed to Paddling Students, Houston, 1306 W. Brooklake Dr., Houston, 77077  281.584.9707
 Supporting organizations are The Hitting Stops Here!, Parents & Teachers Against Violence in Education, Prevent Child Abuse Texas (PCAT), Texans Care For Children, Texas ACLU, Human Rights Watch, National Youth Rights Assn., and Coalition Against School Paddling.